1. Preparations of artificial grass paving on the roof or patio

Turf tools: line cutter, circular cutter, grass compactor, etc

Grass paving: move the turf carpet to the designated zone according to the site division, and unroll artificial grass rolls on the patio ground.

Installation environment: make sure that the temperature of the construction site is maintained above 10 centigrade.

Paving direction: the paving direction of the artificial lawn shall be consistent to ensure that the artificial grass blades are standing in the same direction.

Other preparations: recheck the quantity and color of the artificial grass.

  1. Line out roof artificial grass layout

Use accurate measuring tools, such as theodolite measuring tools, standard ruler and other tools, mark the sidelines and line positions of the site on the site according to the site design drawings, and clearly mark them with brushes of different colors, so as to make the site division of each area clear.

  1. Construction steps of roof patio artificial grass

(a) Glue the artificial grass on the roof after trimming.

Before gluing, ensure that the grass is dry. The artificial grass should be dry enough for gluing. The gluing dose should be set at one time, and no repeating gluing. The gluing sequence shall be consistent to avoid high and low phenomena.

(b) Artificial turf bonding.

Bonding the adhesive tape to the bottom cloth along the marking line; After that, the artificial lawn line is bonded to the adhesive tape along the line marking line to ensure that it is flat and firm.

(c) Artificial grass cutting and splicing.

Use special tools, such as line cutter or circular cutter, to cut and cut the artificial lawn; The cutting size shall be consistent, and the cut artificial lawn shall be spliced, and the spacing between splices shall be less than 2mm.

(d) Artificial turf joint bonding.

The joints of artificial lawn shall be bonded, and the joints of lawn shall be bonded with adhesive tape.

(e) Artificial turf compaction.

Use the grass compactor to compact the lawn joint to ensure that the joint is flat, firm, tight and tight.

(f) Site cleaning

After the artificial lawn is paved, the site shall be inspected to ensure that the paved lawn is flat and free of off-line and grass.

Significance of Roof Greening with Artificial Grass

Green roof is of great significance to beautify the living environment of the city, improve the quality of life of the people, and improve the living conditions of the people.

  1. The green roof of the artificial turf can reduce the temperature of the top layer, thereby reducing power consumption, thereby being more energy-saving and environmentally friendly.
  2. The roof greening of artificial turf can regulate the flow of rainwater.
  3. The green roof of the artificial turf can provide a certain degree of sound insulation.
  4. The green roof of the artificial turf can beautify the environment and provide a recreational garden, which makes people feel more comfortable.
  5. The roof greening of artificial turf can improve the heat island effect: it absorbs heat energy, helps to dissipate heat, and makes indoor personnel more comfortable.