Item: C40316-BG6C8

Height: 40mm
Gauge: 3/8″
Density: 16800st/m2
Color: BG6C8 – 4 Tone Green
Backing: PP cloth + leno + SBR black
Warranty: 8 years

Vivilawnlow front yard residential landscaping indoor and outdoor realistic artificial turf grass is made of forest green and olive green monofil twined with tan and sienna curly PP thatch yarn in 16800st/m2, an extra high tufting density, which gives landscaping garden grass ultra anti-abrasion and excellent resilience.

Item C40316-BG6C8 is slim U-shape monofil imitating natural grass stem that is widely used in landscaping gardening, golf fairway, villa manor residential area, business showing room, exhibition event zone, city green belt, and kids playground.

Moreover, this item is not only UV-resistant but also fire retardant. It also passed SVHC testing which ensures this grass carpet a high-level safety. Besides, 8 years of UV resistance can keep it a long service life outdoor in extreme hot or cold weather.

Fortunately, C40316-BG6C8 Vivilawn 4-tone green landscaping artificial turf grass has been one of the top picked series by more and more contractors for residential decoration, golf fairway, exhibition event shows, and gardening projects.


Tech Data



100% PE C-shape monofil twined curly PP thatch, 4 Tone Green – BG6C8


Mattex PP coth plus leno/Fleece PP cloth


BASF SBR latex, black

Tufting Specs


40 mm




16800 stitches/m2


Binding Strength

No less than 30N, STD: ISO 4919: 2012 & EN 13744: 2004

Yarn Tensile Ratio

15~20%, STD: EN 13864: 2004

Water Permeability

60L/m2*min, STD: EN 12616: 2003



Passed, STD: EC 1907/2006

Fire retardant

Passed, STD: 16 CFR 1630

UV Resistance

Passed, STD: BS EN 20105-A02 1995

Color Fastness

Passed, STD: EN 20105 – A02 & EN14836: 2005

How Vivilawn make front yard residential landscaping indoor and outdoor realistic artificial turf grass

1. Raw materials from brand suppliers

Vivilawn is fully U.S.-designed with chief raw materials Polyethylene (PE) and Polypropylene (PP) from brand suppliers DOW and SBR latex from BASF.

By deep bionics study in natural grass stem color styles, our R&D team has been continuously improving the formula of grass yarn to enhance the UV resistance and anti-abrasion performance, and finally developed various 4 tones green, 3 tone green color ranges.

C-shape yarn

BG6C8 – 4 Tone Green
Forest green and olive green PE monofil
Tan and sienna curly PP thatch



2. Super Tufting Machine

With Cobble ST-series super tufting machine, Vivilawn artificial turf grass carpet is in precisive cutting and in extremely high evenness without yarn looping or hooking.

Each ST tufting machine is equipped with two levels of grass yarn shelf, which make material feeding much easier and faster and optimize material switching and order scheduling.


3. Two-way Feeding Innovative Tech

The innovative tech we adopt, ‘Two-way Feeding Innovative Tech’, not only enhances tufting efficiency but also reduces production energy consumption. it ensures the curled monofil yarn shrinkage ratio and enriches the Vivilawn artificial turf grass diversity as well as OEM order ability.



4. Extra-long Drying Channel

To stabilize tufting binding strength no less than 40N, we use gluing & packing integrated equipment with an extra-long drying channel of 80 meters. In addition, automatic double-sided circulation drying can always keep PP curly thatch yarn in a moderate curling ratio to give landscaping synthetic grass carpets an aesthetic and natural appearance.

Packing & Shipping

Three Types of Packing Material for LCL and FCL Shipping

Packing type A: with PP cloth seamed and paper tuber for roll size in 2m x 25m and 4m x 25m per roll.
Standard packing for LCL and FCL shipping.

Packing type B: with PE film and paper tuber for roll size in 2m x 25m and 4m x 25m per roll.
Alternative packing for FCL shipping only.

Packing type C: with PE film, paper tuber, optional in carton or pallet, for roll size in 1m x 10m only.
Special packing for FCL shipping.


Cases & Testimonial

It’s Vivilawn that helps us build a new business of artificial turf grass construction from scratch. Thanks to their rich experience in site construction and deep understanding of golf putting fairway artificial turf design, we have hardly encountered any trouble on the job site since our cooperation. The project materials can always be produced and delivered according to the optimized design, and completed on schedule. Working with Vivilawn is like holding your right hand with your left hand, reliable and simple.

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