Quality Featured Artificial Grass Manufacturer

Vivilawn is a leading quality featured artificial grass manufacturer in China, produces high-quality landscaping artificial grass, plastic lawns, synthetic turf products for contractors and dealers.

  • Artificial turf manufacturing since 2006
  • Export to 80 countries worldwide
  • Over 7,000,000 sqm annual capacity
  • 12 tufting lines and 3 coating lines
  • Full OEM / ODM ability

Featured Landscaping Artificial Grass


P-series are made with spine monofil yarn twined curly PP thatch. it gives the landscaping turf grass a natural appearance and moderate wear resistance.


C-series Vivilawn is made with concave monofil yarn, it gives the artificial turf grass excellent built-in standing memory, and a smooth comfortable feel.


D-series are made with diamond monofil yarn twined curly PP thatch. it gives the landscaping turf grass excellent wearing resistance and a smooth feel


E-series are made with M-shape monofil yarn twined curly PP thatch. it gives the landscaping turf grass a smooth feel and a natural appearance

Quality Featured Artificial Grass Manufacturer in China

As one of the quality featured artificial grass manufacturers in China, Vivilawn passed industrial standard testing in all necessary items. For instance, it is qualified in synthetic turf grass UV resistance, fire retardant, SVHC testing, and wearing resistance testing.

Moreover, all Vivilawn landscaping artificial grass series can be customized in grass height, tufting density, and roll sizes. In other words, you can DIY Vivilawn artificial grass according to your preferences and requirements of gardening or decorating projects.

Therefore, Vivilawn not only offers high-quality landscaping artificial grass but also OEM services for gardening and landscaping contractors and dealers.


Reliable Landscaping Artificial Grass Producer

In 2011, DIAMOSGRASS developed Vivilawn original landscaping artificial grass series for gardening contractors in the global market. During its rapid growth, DIAMOSGRASS started to marketing football artificial turf series and landscaping grass series separately.

Vivilawn, as an original sub-brand owned by Diamos Global Limited, runs the landscaping artificial grass business independently since 2015.

Nowadays, Vivilawn specializes in producing original landscaping synthetic turf, fake lawn rolls, and relative artificial grass mat products. We have been serving landscaping contractors and artificial grass dealers from more than 80 countries worldwide.

Over the years of development, Vivilawn has become a reliable quality featured artificial grass manufacturer in China. Our landscaping artificial grass has been welcomed and recommended by more and more end-users in landscaping decoration and gardening fields.

Why Choose Vivilawn Landscaping Artificial Grass

Four Reasons Why Contractors Choose Vivilawn as Quality Featured Artificial Grass Manufacturer

Above all, the Vivilawn R&D team never makes any compromise on safety, quality, and material in the quality concept. Our engineers always design Vivilawn landscaping artificial grass according to the foundation type, regional climate, and local users’ color preferences.

Secondly, based on feedback from end-users over the years, we have been optimizing the landscaping artificial grass series. For example, we test and analyze the abrasion performance of grass in different tufting heights. After constant comparison, we find out the best tufting density range to enhance the wear-resistance of grass carpet.

Meanwhile, we also developed new grass yarn in high simulated natural color and shape styles. In short, the Vivilawn team always keeps improving the service life of grass products, aesthetic aspects, and recyclable performance.

Further, producing safe and aesthetic landscaping grass is also what we concentrate on for every end-user. That is why we are picky in raw material supply. By upgrading the production lines, we have made a great improvement including material formula, grass yarn extrusion, and thatch curling.

As a result, Vivilawn artificial grass gained obvious advantages over competing products in colorfastness, abrasion resistance, and turf carpet resilience. In the same vein, it brings Vivilawn a reliable reputation in the global market.

Fortunately, Vivilawn has become a top 10 quality featured artificial grass manufacturer. Besides, Vivilawn landscaping artificial grass is a reliable choice and recommended by more and more end-users in gardening landscaping projects.


  • Fire retardant – STD: 16 CFR 1630
  • SVHC – STD: EC 1907/2006
  • Wearing resistance – STD: BS EN 14836 2005
  • Water permeability – EN 12616: 2003
  • UV resistance – BS EN 20105-A02 1995

Quality Assurance

All Vivilawn landscaping grass is 8 years warranty. In the warranty period, all defective products can be repaired or replaced for free.

Fast Global Delivery

We can offer friendly shipping terms according to your requirement, including FOB, CIF, CFR, DDU, or even DDP by sea.

OEM/ODM Service

Vivilawn has a powerful R&D team with 10+ years in the artificial turf industry to help dealers run their own brand.

No MOQ Trouble

MOQ is 1 unit. With full marketing support to artificial grass distributors, there is no MOQ limit in color style ranges.

Landscaping Artificial Grass Categories



Garden, Backyard, Green Belt



Balcony, Roof, Office zone, Exhibition events


kids playground

Kindergarten, Children Park, Schools playground


Swimming Pool

Resorts hotel, Villa, Manor, Sports center


Golf Putting

Golf club, Backyard golf, Putting green



Artificial grass accessories and tools

Height 20 ~ 25 mm

Height 30 ~ 35 mm

Height 40 ~ 50 mm

Ready to Ship

2000 m2, 35 mm

D35318-BG8B8, 4 Tone Green, 4m x 25m/roll, 2m x 25m/roll

1600 m2, 35 mm

C35318-9L8C8, 4 Tone Green, 4m x 25m/roll

5000 m2, 30 mm

C30313-9L8C8, 4 Tone Green, 4m x 25m/roll

1800 m2, 40 mm

C40322L-AG8B8, 4 Tone Green, 4m x 25m/roll

1200 m2, 35 mm

C35315-DEBC8, 4 Tone Green, 4m x 25m/roll

With Vivilawn, you will have aesthetic landscaping

This item is widely used in hotel and resorts landscaping and golf putting artificial grass projects since 2017. Vivilawn D35318-BG8B8 is popular for its natural-looking and color style. Besides, the diamond grass stem gives the landscaping grass built-in standing memory and excellent abrasion performane. View more cases to learn How to build aesthetic landscaping with Vivilawn.



The premium landscaping artificial turf grass supplies and stellar service I have received from Vivilawn over the years have been exemplary. They always go the extra distance and will do whatever it takes to get the job done, and, they get it done on time, and on a budget from gardening design to final acceptance. They function as though they’re a part of our team and work with us to overcome challenges whatever they may be. I can’t recommend them more.

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