Artificial grass has made its mark on many sporting venues around the world, and particularly in Australia. Whether you are planning a major sporting event such as an international sport tournament or a local rugby league, artificial turf is the ideal surface for the task. Synthetic grass gives you the same feel as natural grass but allows you to play at any time of year, not just during the summer months. The low maintenance factor of this material also means that you don’t have to spend a fortune maintaining it. With regular routine cleaning and minimal maintenance, your artificial grass should last you for many years.

ARTURF Artificial Grass is Ideal for Australia Weather


There are many benefits to choosing artificial grass. For one, there is no risk of being bitten by ticks and fleas. When you are playing on natural grass, that is where these parasites come from. However, with synthetic turf, they never make it into the playing surface. As such, you are less likely to become infested and have greater peace of mind.

Another benefit of synthetic turf is that it requires a very low amount of maintenance. You can leave it lying in your yard throughout the year without any supervision or treatment. No need to water it or fertilize it. It will simply continue to look great all year round. And, because it is made from synthetic material, it will resist damage from sunlight better than natural grass does, meaning that you can enjoy it longer without the worry of seeing patches in your lawn.

As mentioned earlier, this type of artificial turf is ideal for Australia weather. If you live in the country, you can leave it in your backyard all year round. This will save you money on petrol for travel to and from the stadium and for maintenance, as well as keeping the kids occupied in the sunshine.

With modern technology being so widely available, artificial turf has become more affordable over the years. It used to be considered the realm of the rich and privileged. However, with the recent increase in interest in the home turf industry, even people on a tight budget can afford to lay down some artificial grass in their gardens. You no longer need to be in a top-level school to enjoy the benefits of playing on grass. Artificial grass can be laid down on a basic lawn and still provide excellent playing conditions.

All of these things are important considerations when choosing artificial turf for your home. However, one other factor that should definitely be considered is the type of surface you wish to use. Remember, different types of grass will require different procedures when installing them. Therefore, if you are unsure which surface would be best for your house, discuss your ideas with professionals who can help you make the best decision.