Fire Retardant Safe Artificial Grass for Residential Areas Indoor, Balcony, Roof, and Patio Decoration

Vivilawn residential artificial grass is fire retardant as a safe grass carpet. These series are proven fire-resistant, skin-friendly, and anti-abrasion. It is the ideal choice for home indoor decorating, backyards landscaping, patio decoration, and kids play areas.


C-series Vivilawn residential turf grass is made with concave yarn or C-shape yarn, it gives the artificial turf grass excellent built-in standing memory, and a smooth comfortable feel.


E-series residential grass is made with M-shape monofil yarn twined curly PP thatch. it gives the landscaping turf grass a natural appearance and smooth feel.


U-series residential artificial grass is made with U-shape yarn (narrower than C-shape), it gives the artificial turf grass excellent built-in standing memory, and a smooth comfortable feel.

Artificial Residential Grass – Top Picked Items


Item: E35318-AL8C8

Height: 35mm
Gauge: 3/8″
Density: 18900st/m2
Color: AL8C8 – 4 Tone Green
Backing: PP + leno + SBR black
Uses: residential outdoor and indoor, backyards, front yard, fountain area, patio decoration, roof, balcony.

  • Resilience 90% 90%
  • Standing memory 95% 95%
  • Anti-abrasion 90% 90%

Item: C40322L-AG8B8

Height: 40mm
Gauge: 3/8″
Density: 23100st/m2
Color: AG8B8 – 4 Tone Green
Backing: PP + leno + SBR black
Uses: Balcony, building roof, home decoration, kids play areas, patio flooring, villa backyards, residential grass carpet.


Item: C40318L-XG8C8

Height: 40mm
Gauge: 3/8″
Density: 18900st/m2
Color: XG8C8 – 4 Tone Green
Backing: PP + leno + SBR black
Uses: Indoor decoration, show events, commercial zone, shopping malls, hotels, and resorts, exhibition fairs.


Item: C30317L-9G6B8

Height: 30mm
Gauge: 3/8″
Density: 17850st/m2
Color: 9G6B8 – 4 Tone Green
Backing: PP + leno + SBR black
Uses: office zone, showing room, exhibition zone, supermarkets, shopping malls, commercial events, indoor decoration.

More items and categories of Vivilawn artificial grass below.

There are various styles sorting in grass uses, yarn shapes, grass height, and color series.
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Residential Artificial Grass – Fire Retardance is Necessary

The main raw material of Artificial grass or synthetic turf is made with PE monofilament yarns and PP textile cloth. Usually, these materials are flammable.
Nowadays, fire retardance is compulsory for indoor and residential artificial grass carpet products.
According to the Warranty Policy and Quality Concept, we mainly use raw materials Polyethylene (PE) and Polypropylene (PP) from brand suppliers DOW and SBR latex from BASF.
All Vivilawn series are made with a fire-resistance formula and have passed fire retardancy testing.
No matter outdoor landscaping or indoor residential areas, Vivilawn residential grass carpet is reliable and safe.

In hot sales by its:

  • Natural color style.
  • Built-in erect memory.
  • Low glare material.
  • Bionic stem design.

Lab testing passed:

  • Fire retardant – STD: 16 CFR 1630
  • SVHC – STD: EC 1907/2006
  • Wearing resistance – STD: BS EN 14836 2005
  • Water permeability – EN 12616: 2003
  • UV resistance – BS EN 20105-A02 1995

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