Artificial Lawn Laying Process on Roof

Preparations of artificial grass paving on the roof or patio Turf tools: line cutter, circular cutter, grass compactor, etc Grass paving: move the turf carpet to the designated zone according to the site division, and unroll artificial grass rolls on the patio ground....

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3 Reasons Why You Should Put Sand on Artificial Grass

It is not really a question, why put sand on artificial grass; it is a must to have, right? You see, with an artificial turf, you have the luxury of being able to simulate a natural grass effect to your backyard, or even yard. You can do this by putting down layers of...

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Where To Buy Artificial Grass For Your Yard

Where to buy artificial grass has been the issue for quite some time now. With the advancement in technology, synthetic grass has been manufactured and sold in many different businesses around the world. With this increase has come an increase in where to buy...

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What is Artificial Grass?

What is artificial grass? Artificial grass is a popular surface of synthetic fibers designed to resemble natural grass. It's most frequently used in sports arenas, for those are usually or originally played on natural grass or that have always been played on hard...

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How to Maintain Artificial Lawn Grass

Compared to natural lawn, maintaining artificial lawn takes very little effort. In fact, you probably do not even have to exert any effort at all to keeping it looking great all the time! That being said, there are still some little things that you can do each day to...

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How to Install Artificial Grass: Installation Process

Whether you have a large or small lawn, you will need to know how to install artificial grass. Artificial grass can provide an economical alternative to natural grass, but installation of artificial grass can still be complicated for the layman. With proper care and...

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How Much Does it Cost to Build a Soccer Field?

The cost of how much does it cost to build a soccer field varies greatly depending on who you ask. Construction companies are a dime a dozen and can charge anything from six figures to several billion dollars for their massive constructions. Soccer fans are the ones...

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